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Встроенные функции
  1. Режимы работы:
    -На операторском кране или тросе
  2. Встроенный независимый модуль ИНС
  3. Двигатели стабилизатора DJI с энкодерами
  4. Модуль Bluetooth
  5. USB-разъем
  6. Приемник на 2,4 ГГц
  7. Температурный датчик
  8. 32-битный ЦПОС DJI
  9. Поддержка шины D-Bus


Сила тока Статический ток: 300 мА (при напряжении 16 В)
Динамический ток: 600 мА (при напряжении 16 В)
Макс. ток заблокированного ротора: 10 A (при напряжении 16 В)
Диапазон рабочих температур -15°...+50° C (5°-120° F)
Масса С рукояткой: 2,77 кг (6,11 фунтов)
С гасителем колебаний: 2,15 кг (4,74 фунта)
Размеры стабилизатора (Д х Ш х В) Без рукоятки:
280 x 370 x 340 мм
С рукояткой:
560 x 370 x 440 мм


Размер держателя камеры Макс. глубина от центра тяжести к крепежной пластине камеры: 120 мм
Макс. высота от верхней части крепежной пластины камеры: 130 мм
Макс. ширина: 160 мм
Разъемы для доп.устройств Регулируемый разъем P-Tap на 12 В (2), USB 500 мВт (1), DJI Lightbridge (1)
Питание блока управления Аккумулятор Ronin-M 4S
Интерфейсы связи Пульт дистанционного управления на 2,4 ГГц, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0
Мин. системные требования к ПК для ПО DJI Assistant Windows XP или выше; Mac OS X 10.9 или выше
Мин. системные требования к мобильным устройствам для приложения DJI Assistant iOS 7.1 или выше; Android 4.3 или выше


Грузоподъемность (опорное значение) 4,5 кг (10 фунтов)
Диапазон угловых вибраций ± 0.02°
Макс. управляемая угловая скорость Поворот: 200°/с
Наклон: 100°/с
Крен: 30°/с
Механический диапазон углов вращения Поворот: 360°
Наклон: +270°...-150°
Крен: ± 110°
Рабочий диапазон углов вращения Поворот: 360°
Наклон: +45°...-135°
Крен: ± 25°
DJI - Introducing the Ronin-MX
DJI - Introducing the Ronin-MX
DJI - On set with the Ronin-MX
DJI - On set with the Ronin-MX

Documents & Manuals

  • Ronin-MX Release Notes
  • Ronin-MX User Manual v1.2(EN)
  • Ronin-MX User Manual v1.2(IT)
  • Ronin-MX User Manual v1.2(NL)
  • Ronin-MX User Manual v1.2(RU)
  • Ronin-MX User Manual v1.2 (PT)
  • Ronin-MX Quick Start Guide (EN)
  • Ronin-MX Quick Start Guide(IT)
  • Ronin-MX Quick Start Guide (NL)
  • Ronin-MX Quick Start Guide (RU)
  • Ronin-MX Quick Start Guide (PT)
  • Ronin-MX Intelligent Battery Safety Guidelines (EN)
  • Ronin-MX Intelligent Battery Safety Guidelines (IT)
  • Ronin-MX Intelligent Battery Safety Guidelines (NL)
  • Ronin-MX Intelligent Battery Safety Guidelines (RU)
  • Ronin-MX Intelligent Battery Safety Guidelines (PT)
  • Ronin-MX Counterweight Set User Guide V1.0
  • DJI SRW-60G User Manual
  • DJI Remote Start Stop User Guide
  • DJI Focus Expansion Module User Guide v1.0
  • Ronin Auxiliary Power Adaptor User Guide v1.0
  • Ronin MX extended camera mounting plate v1.0


    iOS Version v1.1.28
    Android version v1.1.0
    * Scan QR code to download the app. Mobile Assistant Software Requirements: iOS version 7.0 or above/ Android system version 4.3 or above with bluetooth 4.0 support.

  • Ronin-MX Assistant Software v2.4
  • Ronin-MX Firmware IMU v2.2
  • Ronin-MX Firmware GCU v1.3
  • Ronin-MX Firmware ESC v1.4.9.17
  • DJI WIN Driver Installer
  • DJI Assistant 2 v.1.1.0-2 (For SRW-60G)
  • Ronin-MX Assistant Software v2.4
  • Ronin-MX Firmware IMU v2.2
  • Ronin-MX Firmware GCU v1.3
  • Ronin-MX Firmware ESC v1.4.9.17
  • DJI Assistant 2 v.1.1.0-2 (For SRW-60G)
The Ronin-MX has been designed for use both in the sky and on the ground and communicates directly with the DJI A3 flight controller. The Ronin-MX can be mounted on the Matrice 600 in just minutes, so that you can easily go from shooting handheld to capturing footage from above.

The Ronin and Ronin-M are designed specifically for use on the ground and we do not recommend using them in the air.

The Ronin-MX includes all the functionality of the Ronin and Ronin-M, i.e. Three Operation Modes, built-in receiver and remote control, and is also compatible with DJI Assistant 2 and DJI GO, for controlling gimbal settings.
The Matrice 600 (M600) is an integrated aerial system built with the A3 Flight Controller and Lightbridge 2. It is designed to fly the Ronin-MX gimbal and it is also compatible with all of DJI’s Zenmuse gimbals and cameras.

We do not recommend mounting the Ronin-MX to other platforms as the Ronin-MX is not able to communicate with flight controllers other than the A3, meaning that maximum stabilization performance is achieved with the M600.
No, the non-cage design of the Ronin and the Ronin-M works perfectly when used on the ground.

When the gimbal is mounted to a flying platform, its movements are more complex and require more advanced balancing capability. The cage designed for the Ronin-MX locks the camera at the top and at the bottom, improving its stabilization performance for aerial use.
Yes. The Ronin-MX is able to handle high G-force environments and changes in acceleration and deceleration speeds (i.e. car racing) to create stable footage with preserved horizon. When flying, the Ronin-MX communicates directly with the DJI A3 Flight Controller and reacts immediately to the pilot’s inputs, so that it is always in sync with the platform’s movements. Furthermore, the motors of the Ronin-MX are stronger than on the Ronin and Ronin-M, making it more powerful and at the same time, reduces noise when filming
The control range is around 100-200m when using the included remote controller and built-in DJI receiver. A D-bus port is also included if a non-DJI transmitter is required.
The reference load weight of the Ronin-MX is 10 lbs (4.5 kg).
It weighs 6.11 lbs (2.77 kg), including handlebars and battery.
When used on the ground, the controllable range of the Ronin-MX is the same as the Ronin and Ronin-M. When used in the air, the controllable range of the Ronin-MX paired with the Lightbridge 2 remote is up to 3.1 miles (5 km).
The maximum weight that can be carried by the M600 is 13.2 lbs (6.0kg). As the Ronin-MX weighs 4.74 lbs (2.15 kg, including vibration absorber), the maximum weight that you can fly with the M600 is 8.49 lbs (3.85 kg).
Yes, all the existing functions of the Ronin series including the Three Modes of Operation, as well as 2nd Remote Controller, are available on the Ronin-MX.
Yes. The battery that comes in the box with the Ronin-MX is the same as the Ronin-M battery (1580 mAh). You can also add a second Ronin or Ronin-M battery to the Ronin-MX to power a camera or accessories.
The Ronin-MX’s battery has been moved for better balancing when used on aerial platforms. The battery plate on the back does not provide the Ronin-MX with power but simply acts as a mounting platform for the battery adaptor, enabling you to add a second battery for powering cameras or accessories.
The Ronin-MX’s 1580 mAh battery lasts for approximately 3 hours.
The optional battery plate is not included with purchase.
The runtime varies depending on the camera. When used with a RED Raven recording 4K video, the 4S 4350 mAh Ronin battery lasts for about 60 minutes.
Approximately 70 minutes.
The Ronin-MX supports a wide variety of camera systems that weigh less than 4.5kg (10lbs). This includes ARRI ALEXA Mini, Canon 5D MK III, Panasonic GH3, Black Magic Cinema Camera, Canon 6D, Panasonic GH4, Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, Canon 7D, RED EPIC, Canon 1Dc, Canon C100, Sony Alpha 7 Series, Canon 5D MK II, Nikon D800. The Ronin-MX can be easily balanced and auto-tunes to support your preferred setup.
The video is transmitted via DJI Lightbridge 2 to your mobile device (SRW-60G is needed for short-range video transmission from camera to the Lightbridge 2 air system when mounted to the M600). Instead of the SRW-60G short-range video transmitter, you can also use an HDMI wire to connect to the Lightbridge 2 directly on the aircraft.
This will depend on the weight of the camera and how far off the center of balance it is.
The DJI Ronin Grip is an accessory designed for convenient placement and transportation of the Ronin series. It comes in two sizes, one for the Ronin and one for the Ronin-M and Ronin-MX.

A larger grip surface allows easy transfers of the Ronin between camera ops, making it ideal for long takes. When not in use, the entire Ronin-MX can be placed against a wall or car, making it possible to pause during a shoot without the Ronin stand.
The SRW-60G is an accessory designed for short-range (approx. 10m) video transmission. It enables video data to be transmitted from the camera to the Lightbridge 2, giving the pilot a live HD view of the camera on the M600. By using different types of transmission cables, you can also use the SRW-60G as a short range video transmitter for other uses than with the Ronin-MX. The SRW-60G unit is prohibited for flight in North America.
The DJI Remote Start/Stop is an accessory designed for remotely controlling the camera start/stop during video recording, and shutter control for still photography. When used in the air with the Ronin-MX and M600, it can control the camera up to the maximum range of the Lightbridge 2 (3.1 miles).
When using the Lightbridge 2 and the DJI Focus with Focus Expansion, the focus/aperture can be controlled over a range of up to 3.1 miles (5 km). When connected directly to the DJI Focus, the control range is about 100 m.
Yes. Other than controlling the M600 and its Intelligent Flight Modes, remote control modes and seeing the camera’s live HD view, you can adjust the Ronin-MX’s SmoothTrack™ settings through DJI GO. Camera profiles are also created for different cameras (i.e. for RED and DSLR cameras), saving you time when switching between different cameras.
When using DJI GO with the M600 and Ronin-MX, you use it in the same way as with the Lightbridge 2 remote controller for other DJI products.
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